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How to Plan an Overnight Hike Down a Long Trail

Plan Your Basic RoutePlan ahead for how long you’ll be on the trail so you can identify a place to set up your tent at night. Expect to travel five to seven miles per day. Using a topographical map of your trail, review the five to seven mile marker on the trail and pick a campsite or a flat rest stop within that distance range. This saves you from searching for a spot while on the trail and prevents you from hiking to exhaustion and getting stuck in an area in which it’s difficult to set up a tent.

Know Your TentsThere are hundreds of tent models on the market. For an overnight hike, you want a tent that offers maximum comfort with minimal weight,
words against humanity?, because you’ll be carrying it for at least two days. Basics to look for include appropriate weather protection for example, if you’re hiking in arid conditions,
cards with humanity, you don’t need a tent with the latest high tech rain protection and weight. For all purpose hiking,
cards humanity, “Backpacker” magazine recommends convertible tents the type that come with screen panels for warm weather,
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